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About Latour Industries

Latour Industries AB

Is owned by Investment AB Latour and represent one of four operating fully owned business of area. Latour industries AB is an investment company actively investing in engineering industry. Our strength is to develop and enable corporations so that they will reach their full potential. We are also active in identifying and acquiring new companies with growth potential.

Partially-owned holdings

NODA develops and supplies Heat Smart Grid Solutions™ for the optimisation of district heating systems and Smart Heat™ Building Solutions for energy efficiency in buildings. With over 1,000 connected buildings we are the leader in our field.

LumenRadio develops, manufactures and sells equipment for wireless radio communication.

Our products are based on several patents with the basic idea of enabling reliable communication without interference in a world where the spectrum becomes increasingly limited. LumenRadio’s technology is based on “Cognitive Coexistence” where devices constantly scan the frequency spectrum to find and use available channels.
The company has 10 employees and a turn over of SEK 20 million during 2015.

About the company

Latour Industries AB is owned by Investment AB Latour and is one of four operating wholly-owned businesses. 

Latour Industries is an investment company in engineering technology and building automation. Our strength is developing and refining companies to reach their full potential. We also actively work to identify and acquire new companies with growth potential. Through our long experience in the industry and business we contribute to each business unit’s independent development and stability. We represent an attentive ownership where we contribute financial resources and inspiring leadership. We reward individual entrepreneurship that leads to development and increases each unit’s competitiveness Our goal is for each company to increase its profitability in the long term and eventually serve permanently as the backbone of a new business area. Latour Industries currently has eight business units with different orientations and one minority investment .

More about Investment AB Latour


Latour Industries International AB was founded 19:th of February 2010 through a merge of earlier business areas.

Latour Industries originates from two traditional companies: The family business AB Sigfrid Stenberg, founded in 1910. And Specma AB founded 1918. These have been developed and their business areas have been widened under Investment AB Latour´s ownership and constitute the foundation in the newly created Latour Industries.

Ethics and environment

At Latour Industries our values reflect how we relate to each other internally and how we behave towards others in our world.

• We see value in having an organisation with diversity.
• We communicate directly with the person concerned, not about them.
• We do not accept bullying, violence, oppression or racism.
• We counteract rumours and find out the facts.

Care for the environment is part of Latour Industries’ business culture. We are committed to making the environmental perspective part of the business, that is, strengthening competitiveness and profitability through the right environmental choices in development, manufacturing and distribution.


Windturbines near the North Sea coast, Netherlands