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Active and careful ownership contribute to a stable and independent development of each corporation.

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Latour Industries International AB

Is owned by Investment AB Latour and represent one of five operating fully owned business of area. Latour industries are an investment company actively in engineering industry and trading. Our strength is to develop and ennoble corporations so that they will reach their full potential. We are also active in identifying and acquire new companies with growth potential.

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AVT offers excellence and wide resources from product- and production development for the machine construction and functional production systems. With creative solutions we contribute to increased productivity and profitability for the manufacturing industry.
Elvaco delivers complete systems for remote reading of all kinds of consumable gauges that supports M- bus standard EN13757. Typical clients are electric and district heating with geographical placed gauges or real estate companies who wants to read electric, heat, water and temperature in a number of real estates.
Kabona is one of the leading companies in Europe when it comes to energy automation in real estates. An automation that combines an optimal in-house climate with greatly reduced cost and a long-term sustainable society.
LSAB is a tool supplier that offers the entire wood and metal processing industry with solutions with appurtenant grind service. Our offer to the wood industry includes everything from sawmills to interior materials like kitchen, doors, windows, furniture, stairs, floors, etc. For the metal industry we offer tools for cutting processing. We have special knowledge in all areas in order to help you find the best solution with the best turnover.
Electronically muscles that convert energy into movement. REAC develop, manufacture and sell electronically linear actuators and air systems. Clients can be found mostly in medical rehabilitation where REAC is a sub supplier to a number of the biggest manufactures of electrical wheelchairs.
Specma Seals is a comprehensive partner in sealing, with focus on processing industry and its sub supplier. Together with the client we develop cost efficient sealing solutions that gives secure facilities with long uptime.
Bastec AB is a Swedish company that develops and markets systems for building automation. That is, control, regulation, monitoring, alarm management and energy monitoring in buildings. The goal has since their start been to offer the most easy to use and most flexible system, which also provides the lowest total cost.

”By encouraging individual entrepreneurship within the group we will ennoble the business and its competitive power”

Industrial experience

Latour industries strive for a wide competence and background in the board members with emphasis in industrial experience. Our current board is a mix of internal forces with great experience in the company and external competence that contribute with a businesslike outside perspective.


Latour acquires Aritco, a leading Swedish manufacturer of platform lifts and home lifts

Investment AB Latour (publ) has, through its business area Latour Industries, signed an agreement to acquire Aritco Group, a leading Swedish manufacturer of platform lifts. The sellers are a group of private investors through Credelity Capital. The acquisition is in line with Latour’s ambition to invest in high-performing companies with proprietary products and significant international […]

Latour förvärvar bolag inom service av verktyg och sågklingor

Investment AB Latour har via LSAB Group AB förvärvat Vissträsk Slipservice AB i Vissträsk från Swedex AB. LSAB är en del av affärsområdet Latour Industries. Förvärvet kommer att stärka LSABs närvaro i Norrland och i de norra delarna av Finland. Båda är områden med ett stort antal strategiska kunder inom sågverksbranschen. Vissträsk har 20 anställda […]

Latour avyttrar Pressmaster

Investment AB Latour har via Latour Industries AB avyttrat Pressmaster AB till Phoenix GmbH & Co KG. Pressmaster är en ledande tillverkare av precisionsverktyg för krimpning och kapning av elektriska kablar. Phoenix Contact är en av de världsledande tillverkarna av komponenter, system och lösningar inom elektrisk anslutningsteknik och industriell automation. ”Pressmasters produkter kommer att bli […]